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Taylor - Putnam - Oscar Taylor - Putnam - Carcie Ora Thomas - Putnam - Approximately 30 people were in attendance, most of whom could trace their heritage back to Joseph Henry Sells who originated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. The gravestone placed in memory of Henry Sells who served in the Revolutionary War. Henry, at age 16, enlisted in the Revolutionary War.

According to his pension application, he fought against Indians while serving on the Pennsylvania frontier.

Overton County roll call

In , Henry migrated to Sullivan County Tennessee. Henry and his wife lived there until after the mid 's. By , they were living in Overton County. David Leander was born in and died in This same property was passed to his youngest son, also named David Leander. David Leander Sr. Pleasant Henry and David Leander, Jr. In , Pleasant Henry and a fellow soldier by the name of Login Robbins, whose wife was a first cousin of Pleasant Henry, were granted leave and were on their way home, traveling by foot.

They had reached Overton County when they were surrounded by Champ Ferguson's gorillas, and were dragged in a nearby stream where they were drowned. Somehow the two wives learned of their husband's fate and went together by wagon to recover their bodies. On the trip back home, they stopped at a nearby farm to bury their husbands.

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The women dug one grave and placed both men in it. However, information on the marker for Pleasant Henry has a mistake in it. His initials were placed on the marker backwards it reads H. Sells instead of P.

According to additional information provided by Danny Russell, the Sells name can be traced to the year beginning with Jacob Sellen of Holland. At some point, the name was changed from Sellen to Sells. Sells of Livingston; great-great grandson, Michael K. In addition to the placing of a gravestone in honor of Henry Sells, new stones were erected to replace badly deteriorated markers of Pleasant Henry's widow, Elizabeth Baker Sells, and one of their twin daughters, Loudora Sells, who died of typhoid fever in Family members believe Henry Sells is buried somewhere in the Sells Cemetery near Independence, however the exact location is not known.

Sue Eldridge, a representative from the Daughters of the American Revolution, was on hand for the dedication service, and announced that a foot marker will be placed at grave of Henry Sells to honor his participation in the Revolutionary War. A ceremony for the placement of the foot marker will be held later in the year.

Tennessee (state)

Footnote: By Michael Sells. Sills instead of Sells. This troubled me. Why would the family allow this mistake to go on for this long.

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I knew that it had to be a mistake because many members of my family had visited the grave on occasion. So I asked my Aunt Lerion Jolley if she knew anything of this. She explained that it was just a mistake when they enlisted. The army knew them as Sills. I then asked my Aunt Lerion if she or my Dad had ever heard the story about Pleasant Henry being drown and the wives burying them. They had not. The version that had been told in our family string was that Pleasant Henry and Logan Robbins were ambushed and killed. They were placed in a common grave.

Here is some more interesting information that I found on the internet. If you go on their site to the 3rd KY Infantry page, you find two Sells' listed. Andrew, a private in company A, and Hillory, a private in Company H. Then you find three men with the last name of Sills, David L. This would lead one to believe that David L would be David Leander, and Jacob another brother or cousin probably all signed up together and the US army misspelled all their names.

Logan Robbins tombstone appears to read 5th KY?? I ran Logan Robbins name through the site in every direction and came up with nothing. Who was this man who was traveling with my great, great, grandfather when they were ambushed and killed and buried in a single grave together.

Early Tennessee Settlers, 1700s-1900s

If anyone has any information about Logan Robbins, please let us know at emily josephinesjournal. We would like to honor these men with a new stone, possibly telling their stories for all to see and read for future generations. As for Champ Ferguson, it seems he got his just reward for his deeds after all. Champ Ferguson, a legendary Confederate partisan ranger and guerilla fighter, was easily the most notorious among the many such men who fought to control the Upper Cumberland Plateau region along the Tennessee and Kentucky borders.