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  1. Top 4 Ways to Get Windows 7 Product Key
  2. Finding the Microsoft Product Key on the Computer or Packaging
  3. How to find your Microsoft Office product key

If you don't find your key while using one of the methods outlined below, the only legal option you have left is to buy a brand new copy of MS Office.

As often as you may come across free product keys for Office , or key generator programs , neither are good ways to go about this. The Microsoft Office , , and product key situation is unique compared to older versions of Office below. Unfortunately for us, only the last five characters of the character Office , Office , or Office product key is stored on your computer, making a product key finder pretty much useless in this case. I know, right away I'm going back on some of the stuff I said above! For whatever reason, Microsoft completely changed how they handled product keys with these newer versions of MS Office.

Of course, this unfortunate fact doesn't change the reality that you still need that product key to reinstall either version. If you have an installed version of Microsoft Office , , or via your Office subscription, you don't need to worry about product keys.

Top 4 Ways to Get Windows 7 Product Key

You can also retrieve your Windows product key via a third party program such as NirSoft ProduKey , which scans your Windows registry file for the product keys of other software. Install and run ProduKey to view a list of product keys stored in your registry file. However, it cannot find product keys for all programs. Most notably, Microsoft Office and Office do not store their product keys in the registry file. Office and Office do not store their product keys in an easily accessible location in the registry file and many third party programs cannot scan for them.

However, you can use a script to find the last five digits of the product key. Once you have the last five digits, you can then back track the full key using the last five digits by contacting Microsoft. Losing a product key does not mean you have to purchase the product again, as most of the time you can recover it by scanning through the registry file.

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Finding the Microsoft Product Key on the Computer or Packaging

KeyFind Plus is what I have been using too. It does gather product keys for Windows and Office. Registry files often stores the product installation key if Microsoft Office was pre-installed on your computer. If that is the case, then simply use the following instruction to retrieve your product key.

That creat. Recover key office and key win Update, Microsoft Office no longer offers to look up with only the last 5 digits.

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Additional details are shown as well, such as the product ID, install date, and build number. Because of Windows Product Key Viewer's small size and portability, it's a great product key finder to store on a flash drive. The program is small, completely portable, and simple to read. You can print or save the product keys to a file.

Product Key Informer is another free product key finder program but it finds product keys for only a few Microsoft programs other than the operating system. We didn't care much for Product Key Informer. The baked-in fields for specific product keys seemed a waste of screen real estate and confirms that the program's product key-finding abilities are limited.

Although the software technically works in newer versions of Windows, the product key it finds is not correct. Windows Product Key Finder is only 80 KB in size, is completely portable, and quickly shows the product key. When compared to other key finder programs from this list, Windows Product Key Finder is basic and void of support for anything but the Windows OS.

It's completely portable, takes up very little space, and can export keys to a text file or print them off. While testing MyKeyFinder, we found that a scan takes much longer to complete than any of the other programs from this list. If your system was purchased with Microsoft Windows installed and you have not reinstalled it or upgraded it yourself, a key finder may only find the generic product key that your PC manufacturer used to install Windows.

This product key may not work when attempting to reinstall Windows. In this case, you must use the unique product key that is on the sticker attached to your computer case. If you can't locate your product key sticker you'll need to request a new Windows product key.

Share Pin Email. He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated November 05, What We Don't Like Can't be used portably you have to install it. Our Review of Belarc Advisor.

How to find your Microsoft Office product key

Download Belarc Advisor. What We Like Very simple interface that's easy to understand Will find your Windows 10 key as well as keys for older OSs The product keys are listed automatically so you don't have to click anything Product keys can be saved to a file or copied to the clipboard Includes advanced features like the option to view remote product keys.

Download Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder. What We Like Very easy to use Finds keys for Windows and Microsoft Office Works as a portable program You can save the results or print them off Lets you change product keys in some operating systems Shows results instantly. Our Review of Winkeyfinder. Download Winkeyfinder. What We Like Installs quickly Provides a very minimal and easy-to-understand interface Shows keys for Windows, MS Office, and other programs You can export the keys to save them to a file. What We Don't Like Shows a key for Windows 10 and 8 but it isn't correct Setup might try to install an unnecessary program Loads slower than other key finder programs.

Our Review of Keyfinder Thing.

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Download Keyfinder Thing. Our Review of Product Key Finder. Product Key Finder doesn't find keys in Windows 8 or Windows Download Product Key Finder. What We Like Includes all the features you'd expect in a Microsoft-based key finder tool Shows keys for Windows 10, MS Office, and other Microsoft programs Can show keys from a registry file or remote computer Lets you copy and export keys for backup You don't have to install it it's portable. What We Don't Like Unlike some key finder tools, you can't use this one to find product keys for non-Microsoft programs Novice users can be easily confused because results include both a Product ID and a Product Key column.

Our Review of ProduKey. Download ProduKey. What We Like Finds keys for Windows 7 and older Windows versions, plus MS Office The program size is small, so it's quick to download The software is fully portable, so no install is necessary Keys display instantly without having to click any buttons Product keys can be backed up to a file or printed The application is very easy to use and read results from. What We Don't Like Windows 10 and Windows 8 are supposedly supported, but it won't find keys for them Hasn't been updated since Confusing download page Only finds keys for Microsoft programs Security software might falsely identify it as a threat.

What We Like Locates product keys for Windows 7 and older versions of Windows Finds the product keys quickly and automatically Keys can be copied from the program The program is portable Supports OEM editing Also functions as a system information tool.

What We Don't Like Might give false product keys for Windows 10 and Windows 8 Doesn't show keys for non-Microsoft applications Each time the program is started, a web page opens The program opens slower than similar key finder tools.

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Our Review of WinGuggle. Download WinGuggle. What We Like Will find product keys for Windows 10 and older newer Windows OSs The program is easy to use Also locates Microsoft Office keys Finds product keys for non-Microsoft programs, too The software is portable no install is necessary You can scan a remote computer for product keys Keys can be copied or saved to a file.

What We Don't Like Unlike some product key finders, the results include lots of information that many won't find useful, such as registry information Lists product keys for programs that don't use one, such as Internet Explorer.