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Our law firm is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for people facing an OWI. We do this by thoroughly exploring all the facts and laws that could affect your case. We begin with the traffic stop, determining whether the officer had a reasonable articulable suspicion to pull over your vehicle.

Drunk Driving Lawyer in Dane County

We then look at your conversation with the officer, the field sobriety tests and breath tests administered. When we find problems with the way your case was handled, we use them to strengthen your case. We can answer all your questions about drunk driving in Wisconsin, such as:. There are many consequences to a Wisconsin OWI offense. Nobody expects to find themselves accused of drunk driving, but many otherwise upstanding citizens are wrongly accused or make mistakes.

Talk with a Madison DUI attorney about the charges you face.

Drunk Driving Defense

All Rights Reserved. We can answer all your questions about drunk driving in Wisconsin, such as: Should I talk to the police? It is almost never a good idea to talk with the police without a lawyer present — even if you believe that you have nothing to lose. Should I skip the breath test? In a OWI situation, many people wonder about making the right decisions.

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The State appealed, and the suppression order was upheld by the Court of Appeals. All charges dismissed prior to trial.

Tracey Wood and Associates worked to get this charge dismissed. At the end of a two-day trial, the State moved to dismiss all counts in a felony domestic assault case in Dane County. New evidence was also discovered at trial. When the Judge granted their attorney's motion to present that evidence to the jury, the case was dismissed. A happy client is now able to move on with his life. Their attorney was able to challenge the reasons for the OWI investigation as well as whether the client was given the right information when making the decision on whether to agree to an evidentiary test.

As a result, the charge was amended to a reckless driving. Their attorney was able to convince a prosecutor and judge in Waupaca County to reopen and amend an old domestic abuse criminal case to a non-criminal disposition. They were successful even after another attorney had tried and failed to get the case reopened. One OWI was dismissed outright, and their attorney identified a successful challenge to a prior out-of-state offense which led to the other two charges being reduced. The outcome was no felony conviction and no time in prison. Based on this violation, the charge was dismissed.

As a result, the charge was amended to reckless driving. Our attorney was able to obtain a not guilty verdict at a jury trial by showing that the client had not been driving his vehicle. Our attorney got all charges dismissed by arguing that the police officer illegally pulled over his client without any evidence that his client had committed a traffic violation.

In Dane county, a client charged with sexual assault was acquitted at a jury trial led by our attorneys. A client in Dane County was charged with first degree intentional homicide. If convicted, the client faced mandatory life imprisonment. The jury agreed and the client was acquitted.

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A client in Dane County was charged with first degree sexual assault of a child. It was our belief that all the allegations were false and used as an attempt for the ex spouse to try and get custody of the other child. The jury agreed. In Dane County, a client was charged with telephone harassment. In Dane county, a client was charged with a third offense OWI. A client did not realize that writing a letter would constitute a violation of a domestic abuse injunction.

Our client—a college student—was charged with sexual assault, which could have resulted in incarceration and mandatory sex offender registration. Client was charged with two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. Tracey and her team were able to prove that the accident would have happened even if the client had not been drinking. The court agreed. Tracey and her team argued that mere proximity to drugs in a home does not establish possession or intent to deliver.

The court agreed and dismissed the charge at the conclusion of the preliminary examination. The client was charged with felony criminal damage to property based upon property destruction as a result of a car accident. Without intent, there can be no felony criminal damage to property as intent is an element. The court agreed and dismissed the charge at preliminary examination. Client was charged with operating while intoxicated OWI and prohibited alcohol concentration PAC after the results of the breathalyzer showed his blood alcohol content was.

Client was charged with a seventh offense OWI, which is a felony in Wisconsin. Tracey Wood achieved an amendment of these charges to a reckless driving. A client in Lafayette County was charged with attempted homicide, false imprisonment and first degree reckless endangerment. Client was facing felony charges of strangulation and reckless endangerment. These charges were amended to misdemeanor battery and the client was only required to serve probation.

Client was convicted of first degree sexual assault of a child. The judge agreed and the verdict was reversed. A client in Dodge County was charged with hit-and-run. Tracey Wood took on this case and was able to have the felony charge of eluding a police officer dismissed. This client was charged with hit-and-run.

How to handle a DUI in Dane County

Tracey Wood negotiated with the prosecutor, who agreed to dismiss the case. The client was accused of inappropriately touching a child. While he was under investigation and before charges were filed, he retained the services of attorney Tracey Wood. Our client was charged with three offenses: criminal battery, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Tracey Wood successfully fought to amend these charges to noncriminal ordinance violations, which are less serious offenses.

The client was charged with violating a restraining order. Tracey Wood took on the case and got the charge dismissed. The client was facing felony stalking charges. Tracey Wood successfully fought to have the charge amended to a misdemeanor that was punishable by only three months of probation. The client was facing an operating while under the influence and operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration first offense.

The municipal court case based their case upon insufficient evidence, and the client had a. Client was facing an operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated charge, however Tracey Wood was able to get both cases reduced to reckless driving. The conviction was reversed on an appeal and the client was released from prison.

Wisconsin’s DUI divide lets first-time offenders off the hook

The case should have never have resulted in a conviction in the first place and we argued ineffective assistance of trial counsel. The court agreed and the conviction was reversed. He maintained his innocence from the beginning, but lost his first case at trial. The judge agreed and reversed the conviction and ordered a new trial. The client has been released from prison and has been reunited with his family fir the first time in nearly three years. A client facing OWI charges had his blood drawn while he was in jail.

The court agreed and the case was reversed.

DUI / OWI / DWI / Drunk Driving Wisconsin

Client was convicted of a sex crime involving an underage victim in Monroe County. The motion was granted. A client was charged with operating under the influence with a child in the car. A conviction would have resulted in a crime on his record and mandatory jail time. He received neither penalty, as his charge was amended to a mere forfeiture violation. Our client was facing fraud charges.

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The firm helped the client avoid conviction. Our client was charged with strangulation and suffocation. The client was facing federal bankruptcy fraud charges with allegations of hiding assets and failure to report income—in the millions of dollars. Tracey and her team worked to secure a favorable deal where the client served a short period of time behind bars followed by probation.