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Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Keep the photocopy in a safe place. Do not keep this in your purse or car. The toll free number to report fraud is on the back of your cards. Also look for a contact address located within the continental United States.

Identity Theft | Definition of Identity Theft by Merriam-Webster

It is much more difficult to retrieve funds or information transferred out of the country. Be cautious of any business that only has a P.

They should be free They then laundered the money further, by transferring it into accounts at other banks, also established using stolen identities. Investigators dug through bank records associated with the fraudulent accounts, looking for clues. In what was presumably a sea of fake names and dead ends, they discovered a check drawn on one of the accounts that was then deposited into an account at JPMorganChase. The account was linked to a company called Kelz Interior Design, and had been registered with the State of Texas by someone named Brittany Cavaness Barrett.

She said she was running a fitness business near the airport, and denied having anything to do with identity theft.

Identity Theft

Another included a screenshot of an incriminating deposit slip. Sealing the deal for investigators, Barrett at one point texted her home address. Depending on what they find, you may then need to supply further documentation for their investigation. Never worry about ID theft again. Get covered in minutes. Protect your identity by routinely checking for updates and installing anti-keylogger software so no one can hack into your computer.

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If you want added protection, make a habit of logging out of any account you access on your computer or mobile device. Oh, social media. To be safe, set your privacy settings to the highest level. Make sure you take advantage of the passcode or thumbprint scan to get into your phone. And if you have an iPhone, register it with iCloud so you can remotely wipe your phone if it gets stolen. Unsecured, public Wi-Fi is just that: unsecured. Those sitting around you are on the same open network and can easily get access to your information.

If you need to log on to your banking website, wait until you get home. Otherwise, anyone near your home can hop onto your network and gain access to your information. This includes passwords to your bank accounts, email and social media.

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Make your passwords difficult combinations of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and special characters. Instead of trying to meet the minimum character count, make your passwords long. Use a phrase or a few random words strung together to really keep the hackers on their toes. Get creative! Be sure to use a different password for each account.

My Identity Was STOLEN & I Lost $4,500